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Hello, I'm Stivi

People, especially friends and clients, would describe me as a natural community builder, an active listener, forward-thinking entrepreneur, an honest guiding light, an “absolutely human” business development consultant, and a true content marketing innovator. A colleague before even referred to me as the “SEO Whisperer.” However, I constantly remind myself that this website is designed to share what I love to do. Not really what I do for a living, although inevitably, my creative and business backgrounds thematically overlap. A home for everything that inspires me to ACTUALLY LIVE — to feel alive. My passion projects enable me to find internal clarity, to fine-tune the value systems that I choose to embrace, and to rest in the knowledge that self-love is the source of true happiness and peace.

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Boku Undo Burnt Sienna Japanese Ink Stick

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This is my personal digital garden. A wild one for now. Loosely tended. Perhaps in time it will get more love. Here you'll find links to books, writing tools, mentors, platforms, etc. No rants. Just favorites. You'll thank me later.


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Color and Calm

A watercolor travel kit marked my YouTube channel’s renaissance after many years of dormancy. My vision is to transform it into a premium content-driven channel that is focused on value sharing backed by actual user experience. A self-confessed serial chiller, I find it very difficult to be self-promotional so I hope that my subscribers will understand through the videos my passion for fine art watercolors, writing, calligraphy, photography, filming, traveling, cooking, and music/recording arts. I approach topics with experience storytelling rather than technical feature comparisons. I am excited to record or film my future episodes and if you have ideas that you want me to cover, kindly let me know. Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel and I look forward to having conversations with you through the Comments section.

A mini mono-chromatic painting showing a field of trees, propped onto a mini wooden watercolor palette. Painted by Stiv Anderson using Genuine Magnetite Watercolor from Della Magna Watercolors.

What They’re Saying

Stivi is a rare find. She gives and helps and supports just because she believes in you. Her ability to build strong partnerships — real partnerships — is a gift. In an online world where everyone seems to want something, Stivi is there to actually help you achieve your goals and work together.

Kira Hug
Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

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